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Turquoise: reshape your body

In this article, the true potential of a body cream formulated with powerful natural ingredients capable of smoothing, nourishing, hydrating, and elasticizing the skin, is explained.

Body creams
Body creams are essential in a body care routine: whether just out of the shower or stepping off a plane, one realizes how much the skin needs daily nourishment and hydration. But not only that, with the right ingredients and the correct texture, it is possible to address localized imperfections, maintaining well-nourished, hydrated, and non-greasy skin.

Earth’s power and sea’s purity
The secret to a body cream that can deliver concrete and visible results lies once again in the origin of its ingredients: Turquoise encapsulates marine elastin and marine collagen, the most powerful on the market, along with vegetable squalane and natural oils, wrapped in a melting texture that allows the skin to breathe while deeply nourishing it.

Skin elasticity and stretch marks
Stretch marks are actual ruptures of the elastic fibers in the dermis, leaving real scars more or less pronounced. The synergy of marine elastin, marine collagen, and vegetable squalane exponentially strengthens the elastic structure of the dermis, preventing fiber rupture and reducing the appearance of existing stretch marks.

Day and night cream
Turquoise has been formulated to be applied morning and evening: its melting texture penetrates the skin perfectly, while the abundance of fatty acids, amino acids, and nutrients leaves a pleasant velvety sensation without greasing the skin.

A touch of energy
Crystal therapy is a practice that dates back to the Mayan civilization: although not scientifically proven, it has experienced exponential growth in recent decades, especially in the United States. Turquoise is specially infused with raw turquoise, adding a touch of energy to one's beauty routine.

How to harness all of Turquoise’s properties Turquoise should be applied morning and evening, all over the body, with a pleasant massage until the product is completely absorbed. To treat areas with evident imperfections, we recommend combining it with the Sapphire body serum, to be applied before the cream.


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