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Rose: the serum that revolutionizes your lips

In this article, we explain how to take care of your lips, reducing wrinkles and increasing their volume in a completely natural way.

The lips
Lips are a unique area of our face, rich in capillaries, nerve endings, muscles, and mucous membranes. They are a very sensitive part that requires proper attention.

Lip plumping
Increasing lip volume is not a simple task. Almost all products on the market work through irritation (using chili, pepper, or other irritating molecules): an irritated lip swells and increases in volume. Other brands suggest tools that literally suction the lips, once again increasing blood circulation, always with the risk of mechanical irritation.

The synergy of Rose
Rose can encapsulate natural molecules that stimulate blood circulation without causing the slightest irritation: the effect is certainly not comparable to irritating molecules, but if applied consistently, it provides visible and lasting results while preserving the health of the lips. Furthermore, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle molecules work in perfect synergy, making the lips smooth, soft, and plump.

A touch of energy
Crystal therapy is a practice that dates back to the Mayan civilization: although not scientifically proven, it has experienced exponential growth in recent decades, especially in the United States. Rose is specially infused with raw rose quartz, adding a touch of energy to your beauty routine.

How to harness all of Rose's properties
Apply Rose several times a day whenever you feel the need to hydrate or protect your lips: you will feel a refreshing sensation from the menthol for about 30 minutes. Its anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, and volumizing effect, on the other hand, continues throughout the day.


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