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Sapphire: the body serum formulated to address imperfections

In this article, the action of cosmetics on cellulite and major body imperfections is explained, listing the most effective molecules available on the market.

Cellulite is a condition of altered metabolism that leads to an increase in the size of adipocytes with water retention among adipose cells. Genetics, diet, and exercise are the main factors determining its appearance and severity.

Cosmetics alone, can do very little in the case of grade 3 or 4 cellulite (nodules and visible orange-peel skin from any angle), while it achieves excellent results with grade 1 or 2 cellulite (orange-peel skin only when pinched or visible only in an upright position).

The most effective molecules
Lipolysis, lipogenesis, and stimulation of circulation are the three aspects that every specific body serum should contain; butcher's broom extract, bromelain, gotu kola, cocoa extract, and coffee are the most effective ingredients with in vivo clinical studies to support their efficacy.

The synergy of Sapphire
Sapphire acts by blocking lipogenesis and inducing lipolysis; at the same time, fluid drainage is stimulated, the cell wall becomes denser and stronger thanks to glycoproteins, pores and sebum production are reduced.

A touch of energy
Crystal therapy is a practice that dates back to the Mayan civilization: although not scientifically proven, it has experienced exponential growth in recent decades, especially in the United States. Sapphire is specially infused with raw sapphire, adding a touch of energy to one's beauty routine.

How to harness all of Sapphire’s properties Sapphire should be applied morning and evening, all over the body, with a pleasant massage until the product is completely absorbed. For a greater hydration sensation or to act on stretch marks, we recommend pairing it with the Turquoise body cream, to be applied after the serum.


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