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Diamond: the clinically proven face cream

In this article, is explored the extraordinary effectiveness of a multifunctional face cream, specifically designed for normal or combination skin, capable of reducing wrinkles, moisturizing, illuminating, and plumping the skin, thanks to natural ingredients and a touch of energy.

Face creams
Face creams are among the most widely used cosmetic products by men and women: moisturizers, illuminators, anti-wrinkle creams, day or night creams, anti-inflammatory, sebum-regulating, or elasticizing creams are just a few types of products available on the market. After years of research and studies, Maison Zagara has managed to find the correct synergies among ingredients to encapsulate multiple properties in a single product.

The earth's power and sea's purity
The secret of a multifunctional and highly effective face cream lies in the origin of its ingredients: in Diamond, earth and sea merge seamlessly, wrapped in a lightweight texture that allows the skin to breathe completely.

Clinical results among the best in the industry
A pure concentrate of different marine algae, combined with licorice root extracts, hyaluronic acids, peptides, collagen, and a blend of natural oils, ensure visible and lasting clinical results.

Day and night cream
Despite often finding day and night creams on the market, Maison Zagara has designed a rich and nourishing product like a night cream, with a light texture like a day cream: furthermore, the absence of photosensitive ingredients makes it perfect for AM and PM application.

A touch of energy
Crystal therapy dates back to the Mayan civilization: although not scientifically proven, it has experienced exponential growth in recent decades, especially in the United States. Diamond is specially infused with diamonds and hyaline quartz crystal, adding a touch of energy to your beauty routine.

How to harness all of Diamond's properties
Diamond can be applied to the face, neck, and décolleté, morning and evening: it is also ideal as a primer, absorbing completely in less than a minute. If applied only to the face, two clicks of the product are more than enough to achieve visible and lasting results.


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