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Filler and Lifting

The selection of biotechnological molecules, marine algae, and botanical extracts, has allowed the creation of a unique synergy, capable of addressing wrinkles and signs of aging.

Giant Sea Kelp Algae

The Giant Sea Kelp Algae contains beneficial polysaccharides and oligosaccharides that help lift the skin and improve nutrient absorption acting as “carrier” molecules.

Crosspolymer hyaluronic acid with varing molecular weight

This type of hyaluronic acid, has a 3D reticular structure that locks moisture inside the skin longer and deeper than the normal molecule, generating a strong filler effect.

Gleditsia triacanthos

The extract of Gleditsia triacanthos seeds is rich in polysaccharides that exert a strong lifting effect, while polyphenols and vitamins act as antioxidants.


Argireline acts on the contraction of facial muscles, reducing expression lines. At the same time, it provides brightness, firmness, and elasticity to the skin.

Clinically proven results

Emerald and Diamond: your allies against wrinkles and signs of aging

Clinical tests, conducted by an international laboratory on male and female subjects between 30 and 70 years old, have shown how the anti-aging products Emerald and Diamond, can visibly reduce wrinkles, respectively after 15 minutes and after 45 days of use.

Emerald - Anti Aging serum

Rich in giant sea kelp extract, crosspolymer hyaluronic acid with various molecular weights, and Gleditsia triacanthos polysaccharides, Emerald can smooth and fill every type of wrinkle starting from 15 minutes after the application.

Diamond - Anti Aging cream

Rich in giant kelp algae, crosspolymer hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights, and argireline peptide, Diamond can smooth and fill any type of wrinkle after 45 days of application twice a day. The other 23 active molecules make it ideal for hydrating, brightening, and plumping the skin. Diamond is available for normal/combination skin, oily skin or dry skin.


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